My friend had her lip fillers done here not so long ago and they look great, she said the staff there was lovely and she’s so happy with the results. I’m going this week to get mine done and I can’t wait! smile emoticon


Amazing service, the doctors and staff were very professional. The results were great already left my next appointment!


Amazing people. Both doctors and receptionist were helpful and comforting will definitely do it again. Happy with my results smile emoticon.


Amazing service, very professional, great prices. The customer service made me fell very relaxed and I was talked through everything. In my consultation I was recommended what was suitable for me and they would honestly say if I didn’t need certain procedures. I was happy as I don’t like being talked into paying for things…


The reception woman was very friendly and informative. Also Dr Baba is very good, I am very happy with what he has done. Also the other doctor next to him was very calming and reassuring throughout the procedure.


I had lip augmentation done yesterday at the Finchley Clinic, using the Juvederm. I had to wait a little for the procedure as a lot of clients turned up at the same time, but we were made aware of the delay straight away, which was nice. The procedure and consultations were carried out by a…

F Williams

Stumbled across this place whilst on my travels and treated myself to a treatment and can honestly say the service was superb! Place was super clean and the price was affordable. Not only that but managed to get a haircut next door

L Evans

I have visited Finchley Cosmetic Clinic many times. Dr Baba  has suggested the best combination of treatments & I have been so pleased with the results. My Botox, Fillers and a vampire facial has made me look younger and feel great!

S Rooke

I Visited Finchley Clinic with a deep frown line I really didn’t like. After speaking with Dr Khiroya I opted for a Dermal Filler Treatment & Botox. The results were amazing. Very professional staff and extremely skilled Dr, I would recommend their treatments to anyone. I feel younger & more confident.

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