At Finchley Cosmetic Clinic we have the latest laser technology for the treatment of leg and face veins. Our laser treatment is not IPL (intensive pulse light) but an advanced laser technology that eliminates face and leg veins.

Many people suffer from thread veins or telangiectasia. These veins appear as small red and blue spidery lines on the body, most predominately on the face and legs. Laser vein removal causes little discomfort and our Finchley clinic offers a patented Dynamic Cooling Device that increases both comfort and security.

How does Laser treatment work on thread veins

The vein is dissolved by directing a laser beam to the affected area. The pulsed beam seals off the vein causing it to dissolve. The treatment relies on adequate heating of the vein and it is not dissolved in one sitting. Our Doctor assess the extent of the veining and advises on the number of treatments required. Most patients are delighted to discover that their veins are greatly reduced if not eliminated after several weeks treatment.