I have the highest praise for the vaginal rejuvenation with O-Shot procedure which I had 2 months ago. Following 2 vaginal births, let’s just say everything didn’t go back to normal, and I was left with some incontinence too. This affected my confidence, my sex life and made me feel quite anxious and depressed sometimes. I had a consultation with Shova and Dr Nama at the Finchley Cosmetic Salon and they were immediately able to put my mind at ease, I didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed, they were friendly, understanding and absolutely professional. I felt safe and understood. The treatment was pretty much pain free, I think it took about 15-20 minutes and there was literally no down time at all. But the results have been amazing, the incontinence stopped immediately and it was only then that I realised how conscious I’d been about it. Sex life was so much better too, for both of us. Everything that I’d felt embarrassed about had disappeared and I was left with renewed confidence and happiness in life. I’m a big believer in diet and exercise but there are some things which cannot be prevented or managed away as you get older – particularly following an event such as child birth. There is no need for women to suffer in silence, I would recommend this treatment to everyone and highly recommend Dr Nama at the Finchley Cosmetic Clinic.

I would recommend this treatment to everyone

My friend had her lip fillers done here not so long ago and they look great, she said the staff there was lovely and she’s so happy with the results. I’m going this week to get mine done and I can’t wait! smile emoticon


Amazing service, the doctors and staff were very professional. The results were great already left my next appointment!


Amazing people. Both doctors and receptionist were helpful and comforting will definitely do it again. Happy with my results smile emoticon.


Amazing service, very professional, great prices. The customer service made me fell very relaxed and I was talked through everything. In my consultation I was recommended what was suitable for me and they would honestly say if I didn’t need certain procedures. I was happy as I don’t like being talked into paying for things I dont need. I definitely will be coming back.


I had lip augmentation done yesterday at the Finchley Clinic, using the Juvederm. I had to wait a little for the procedure as a lot of clients turned up at the same time, but we were made aware of the delay straight away, which was nice. The procedure and consultations were carried out by a doctor. The procedure itself was very quick. I am extremely happy with the results and will be returning to this clinic to get my lips done again.

The doctor has also recommended some other procedures available that would benefit some scarring that I have. I will be booking those in the near future as well.


Stumbled across this place whilst on my travels and treated myself to a treatment and can honestly say the service was superb! Place was super clean and the price was affordable. Not only that but managed to get a haircut next door

F Williams