Introducing PROFHILO®, a groundbreaking dermal-filler treatment that delivers hyaluronic acid deep into the skin using patented NAHYCO® technology. This innovative approach creates a special type of hyaluronic acid gel that lasts longer in stimulating the skin’s cells.




Sometimes referred to as an ‘injectable moisturiser’ or ‘skin booster’, PROFHILO® puts hydration of the skin front and centre whilst still providing the volume enhancements of more traditional dermal fillers.


PROFHILO® activates the skin’s receptors to fight against sagging skin and enhance its firmness and stands apart from many other dermal fillers for its high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which not only hydrates and boosts the skin but also helps rejuvenate and tighten aging and drooping skin.


After being injected just under the skin, PROFHILO® bonds with the tissues, aiding in the formation of a strong framework that boosts the levels of collagen and elastin for more voluminous, resilient skin. It’s most often used on the face and neck but can also benefit the décolletage, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen by effectively reducing skin looseness.


The effects are usually noticeable within 8 weeks, revealing a skin that looks smoother, tighter, and more lifted. This treatment is designed for both men and women of all ages, providing lasting skin benefits for all.