At Finchley Cosmetic Salon, we offer a discreet service for Vaginal rejuvenation in London.

Vaginal Rejuvenation and O Shot  London

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is becoming a very popular treatment in the UK. The aim of vaginal rejuvenation is to reverse the changes in the vaginal area due to child birth, the ageing process and hormonal changes. At Finchley Cosmetic Salon, we perform a number of different vaginal rejuvenation techniques:

Desirial range of fillers for vaginal rejuvenation: 

Desirial Plus is used for women who have experienced volume loss in the labia majora. It works to improve the volume and appearance of the vagina. The treatment is carried out after first numbing the area with a local anaesthetic cream and then the filler is injected using a blunt cannula to minimise complications such as bruising and lumpiness. This also helps to makes the area look more youthful. 

Desirial is used for hydrating different areas such as the labia minora, clitoris (commonly referred to as the ”G-spot”). As well as hydrating the areas, Desiral also improves vaginal sensitivity, which helps lead to improved sexual pleasure and better orgasms. The downtime from this procedure is minimal although some bruising may occur during the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma for vaginal rejuvenation: 

Platelet Rich Plasma is prepared from your own blood. It can be injected into different areas of the vagina such as the labia majora for rejuvenation, and the labia minora and clitoris for improving the sensitivity. It can also be injected into the so called ”G-Spot” using a special technique to improve sexual pleasure and orgasms. Downtime is minimal although bruising may occur that will take a few days to settle.

At Finchley Cosmetic Salon, all vaginal rejuvenation procedures are performed by consultant Mr Vivek Nama MBBS, MD, DNB, MRes, MRCOG (Aesthetic Gynaecologist).

Orgasm shot in Finchley


The Orgasm Shot or “O-Shot” is the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma( Prepared from our own blood) into the sensitive areas of the vagina including the so called ‘’G-Spot’’. At Finchley Cosmetic Salon, uses we use this innovative procedure to address the common concerns with regards to female sexual health including  vaginal dryness, stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction.


In a majority of females ‘’O-shot’’ improves female sexual pleasure and well being. It is also great at improving vaginal appearence. After a course of ‘’O-shot’’ treatments females will generally report enhanced sensation, improved  arousal from stimulation of the clitoris and more importantly better and more frequent orgasms.  


First you will have a consultation with  our consultant aesthetic gynaecologists, Mr Nama who will assess you for the suitability of the procedure, rule out any contraindicatons and counsel  you for the procedure itself. There is ample opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns you may have.

On the day of the procedure a local anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area to help reduce the discomfort from the procedure. Then  blood is drawn from the patient’s arm (in exactly the same way as for any blood test) and processed in a centrifuge to isolate the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Finally PRP is injected using a small needle into the sensitive areas in and around the vagina including clitoris, internal vaginal wall and the so  called  ‘’O-Spot’’.