At Our Finchley Clinic we use a variety of quality Dermal fillers. Please click below to view our most popular


We use only the best Dermal Fillers for our injectable treatments at our Finchley Clinic. Administered by a qualified Dr with experience in aesthetic applications, our Fillers represent the very best treatments at affordable prices. As is the case with other Non Cosmetic procedures, the effects of Dermal Fillers are not permanent but last on average 6-8 months. During your pre-treatment assessment, the doctor will recommend you the dermal filler best suited for you.

During a free consultation our resident Dr will listen to your needs and recommend the perfect Filler to achieve the desired result. Dermal Fillers can be used to treat wrinkles on the face, neck, chest and hands with instant results that you will love. Fillers can also help with lost volume in cheek and chin augmentations and V lifts of the face. Face tightening, rejuvenation of the neck and improvements to the hands and décolletage result in an instantly younger looking you.