We have all heard of Botox as a modern day treatment for the signs of aging and both men and women are using the injection for improving their visage. Everybody wants a youthful look that belies their age and Botox can be a non invasive solution to many looking to turn back the clock.
Here at Finchley Cosmetic Clinic we see people of all ages for our botox treatments under the supervision and artistry of a Consultant Doctor. Here are 5 reasons to give the non surgical treatment a try.

1. Botox is less invasive and carries less risk than a surgical procedure such as a face lift. The resultant risks of a general anaesthetic do not apply during Botox treatments as it is in comparison a minor procedure. In addition the recovery time is short and the risks associated post treatment are minimal as compared to full blown surgery.

2.Botox is far more effective than over the counter products for anti aging. Many women invest hundreds of pounds in what has become a lucrative market for anti wrinkle products. Botox is a quick and effective solution in comparison to creams that can cost more than an area of the injection.

3. Botox requires no downtime or recovery period. The treatment can be administered during a lunch break and you can return to your normal day after receiving the injection. The best advise is not to engage in rigorous exercise or lying down for about an hour and not to massage the treated area but aside from that Botox is a quick and easy solution to lines and wrinkles.

4. Botox can prevent deep lines from forming in the first place. There are certain areas where deep lines form due to repetitive movements. An example of this is in-between the eyebrows due to frequent frowning. Administering botox to this area actually prevents the double lines from forming, both effective and preventative.

5. Botox can stop excessive sweating, a vital treatment for those that suffer the embarrassment of damp patches under the arms. Injecting Botox at the sight of sweating works by blocking the release of acetycholine, the chemical responsible for stimulating the sweat glands. The procedure takes five minutes and stops you sweating.