Looking at your skin under ultraviolet light is an effective method of highlighting those areas of the skin that are damaged. The special ultraviolet filter reveals any underlying damage before it reaches the surface.

How can the skin become damaged?

Most serious skin disorders are caused by sun exposure. The risk of Sun damage is high when the skin is exposed to harmful UVA rays without adequate protection. These harmful rays can penetrate into the skin even on cloudy days so it is wise to always wear a sun protection cream, even if the Sun is not shining.

Looking at the results given by a Skin scanner can be surprising, even if you feel that you have protected your skin over the years the Ultraviolet Filter can show you areas of damage that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The procedure is quick and painless and simply requires you to place your face into the scanner to be monitored. The results will show a number of different colours, which diagnose different areas of concern.

Blue – Normal

White – Thickened skin

Violet – Dehydration

Yellow – Oily

Red – Indicates pigmentation

At our Finchley Cosmetic Clinic we will advise you of ways to reverse any skin damage as well as prevent future damage from occurring.

Our free Skin Scanner consultation will determine the level of damage your skin has endured, allowing us to devise an improvement plan to protect and repair your skin in the future. Treatments may include mild glycolic peels or the use of glycolic, anti-oxidant or retinoid products to improve the texture of your skin with minimal damage. A sun block is one of the more basic suggestions.